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On July 07, 2004, Woodlands Trail and Park, Inc. and Louisiana lost one of its leading "Trail Blazers", Bill Keller.   Bill Keller, a former member of the Governor's Advisory Council,  the driving advocacy force behind acquiring rail corridors for conversion to the St. Tammany Trace by establishing START in 1989, member of New Orleans Bicycle Awareness Committee, Louisiana Representative for the Mississippi River Trail organization, was, last but not least,  one of the best friends and partners  to Woodlands Trail and Park. 

A long supporter of bike pathways and increased access to scenic sites, Bill has been a strong advocate for Woodlands Trail and Park.  He attended some of the first "Friends" meetings in 2001, attended public meetings, assisted in arranging tours with National representatives, accompanied Woodlands Trail and Park  to meetings with Congressional Staff, arranged for Woodlands Trail and Park to be presented at the State Capitol, supported our adoption by the Mississippi River Trail organization,  assisted with envelope stuffing for our Charter Membership Drive,  attended the recent Chevron Oronite press conference and to be more concise:

Bill Keller was a driving spirit, a true pioneer and always there to help support the quality of life issues we cherish.  He will  sorely be missed by this organization.



August 07, 2003 - Bill Keller reorganizes his work schedule to assist with the envelope stuffing for Woodlands Trail and Park, Inc.'s first  Charter Membership Drive



August 12, 2003 - Pat Nunnally, left and Bill Keller, right, sign Charter Membership Letter for Woodlands Trail and Park, Inc.




At the Chevron Oronite/Woodlands Trail Press Conference on  April 14, 2004,  Katie Brasted (center) and Benny Rousselle (right) listen as Bill Keller explains the national significance of the Mississippi River Trail to our region


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